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We’re part of the communities we live in—but it’s up to us to decide what kind of role we want to play. Each of us has the capacity to contribute to the health and wellbeing of our neighborhood and our city, if we’re willing to confront the realities around us and take steps to create change.

Engage with the guide

The primary way to experience the NeighborGood Guide is to sign up to receive the email series. But, as with many journeys, it can be an even more meaningful exercise if shared with others. The Reflection Guide provides you with the questions and discussion prompts you need to go through the Guide at your own pace and/or share the experience with others in your community. 

Neighborgood Guide Toolkit

Being a better neighbor begins with understanding and examining ourselves: Our values, power, and assumptions. Once we’ve begun that journey, we’re able to open our eyes to reality in a different way and listen to—and really hear—the experiences of others from a new perspective. And then? We’re ready to work on becoming better neighbors and play a role in solutions to homelessness. You’ve taken the first steps—now invite the people around you to begin their own journeys by sharing the NeighborGood Guide.


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