Communities thrive when we focus on what unites us. Our city and our neighbors—housed and unhoused—are diverse and represent a multitude of life experiences. No two stories are the same. We have so much to learn from one another, if only we are willing to listen.


Audio Story!
Meet Kurt Schwartzmann. Kurt was unhoused on the streets of San Francisco for over ten years. He recounts how a MUNI driver saved his life and moments of human kindness that provided a fleeting, yet comforting safe haven.


Meet Erica Moseley.
Erica knows what it’s like to live unhoused as a young person. Now, as an adult, she spends her time providing unhoused students and families with the resources they need to exit homelessness—as she did. Here’s what she’s learned from supporting students during the pandemic: 


Audio Story!
Meet TJ Johnston.
TJ is a freelance journalist in San Francisco covering homelessness and the editor of the Street Sheet. His writings and advocacy in the community draw from his own experience living unhoused—and he’s not afraid to speak his mind. See for yourself:


Meet Kara Zordel.
At Community Forward SF, she paves the way for services and shelter for unhoused women, who often sit at the intersection of homelessness and violence. She warns that this population is on the rise. See what Kara’s lifelong service for this community can teach us: 


Meet Mary Howe.
Mary felt uncomfortable in her hometown from a young age and moved to San Francisco to find belonging. It was here she experienced homelessness as a youth. Today, she serves unhoused youth and shares lessons from working with this population:  


Meet Martha Ryan.
For the past twenty years, Martha has served unhoused families at the Homeless Prenatal Program. She’s beared witness to unspeakable trauma, but also immeasurable resilience.  Her key takeaway from this journey: Address the generational cycle of poverty.

Other Stories

Our community is strengthened by its unique tapestry of voices. When we honor this diversity, we create opportunities for connection, compassion, and building a more resilient San Francisco. Step into your neighbor’s shoes: 


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